Learning Community

Welcome to the webpage of this Learning Community. This community was set up following three sessions on learning at the International Sustainability Conference 2016. Through this community we want to enhance the learning capacity of those who examine or seek to stimulate or organize learning processes. In doing so, we aim bringing together people working on learning in transitions and those working on social learning in natural resources management. We expect that both communities have a lot to offer to each other. By connecting these usually rather seperate communities, we hope to create synergies and to identify and address cross-cutting questions.



On the 16th of November 2016, from 9:00h-10:30h CET (8:00h-9:30h in London, 19:00h-20:30 in Melbourne), we organized the webinar Conceptualization and measurement of learning (co-organized with TIAS, hosted on Adobe Connect). The webinar presentations and synthesis report are posted here.

This webinar is planned to be the first in a series of webinars focusing on learning. We would like to organize additional webinars on related themes, such as, how to design learning processes, the role of learning in transitions or research methods for studying learning.


Sessions on learning at IST 2016

This Learning Community is a follow-up of the following sessions that were organized at the International Sustainability Conference 2016:

Session A2: Dialogue Session “Conceptualizing and measuring social learning: challenges and ways forward” chaired by Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf, Geeske Scholz and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Session programme

Brief Summary of Discussions

Sessions J1 and K1: Dialogue Sessions “The role of learning in understanding and governing sustainability transitions (Part I and Part II)” chaired by Johannes Halbe and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Session programme and results

All presentations have been posted on a password-protected website. You can obtain the link and the password by sending an e-mail to learningcommunity@tias-web.info.


Special issue
We would like to coordinate a special issue on learning for sustainability transitions. Presentations and discussions during the IST 2016 sessions can serve as starting point. We investigate the possibility of organizing a fully funded workshop during which we could establish a basis for the special issue. Any expressions of interest are welcome.



This learning community is coordinated by Johannes Halbe, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Geeske Scholz and Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf. We all work at the Institute of Environmental Systems Research at the University of Osnabrück. As we are all active members of The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS), we decided using the TIAS website and webinar facilities as a basis for our activities.


Want to become involved?

If you would like to be on our mailinglist or if you have ideas for further cooperation in the form of joint webinars, conference sessions or dedicated workshops, please send an e-mail to learningcommunity@tias-web.info.