Central European University in Budapest under threat: Parliament approves new conditions for foreign universities


Apr. 04, 2017

Despite the international demonstration of solidarity, legislation has been passed in Hungary’s National Assembly that specifically targets Central European University (CEU) in Budapest.

The amendments to the Act on National Higher Education:

  • prohibit Central European University from operating under its present name as-is, unless it changes the name of its Hungarian entity;
  • impose work permit vetting by the Hungarian government on non-EU faculty;
  • prevent CEU from issuing US degrees to its students through its Hungarian entity even though Hungary and the US are both OECD members;
  • require CEU to open a campus in the state of New York.

The official response from CEU describes the legislation as purposefully “discriminatory and unacceptable” and argues that the amendments will make the university’s continued operation as a “free and independent international graduate university” impossible.

[Adapted from change.org]


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