Lecture by Sir Peter Gluckman: Science Advice in a Troubled World – CSPC Lecture Series

Professor Sir Gluckman is the Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand since 2009. He is chair of the International Network of Government Science Advice (INGSA), which operates under the aegis of the international Council of Science (ICSU). He recently spoke at the Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC)

From his homepage: “I believe that science has a central role in our future, and can help transform New Zealand to a stronger nation — socially, environmentally and economically. On the other hand, science and technology create challenges — scientific advances can create uncertainty for many people, and there is often also a credibility gap between the claims of science, at least as portrayed in the media, and its actuality. Scientific progress can come into conflict with the beliefs and cultures of our society. One of my most important tasks as Chief Science Advisor is to promote the public understanding of science by explaining, with a focus on young people, the scientific method and its opportunities and limitations. This website outlines my role and how my office operates, and provides links to our publications. We also feature science news from around the world, with an emphasis on explaining the implications of each advance for New Zealand. Additionally, my blog provides informal commentary on some of my activities and on emerging scientific issues.” (Source: http://www.pmcsa.org.nz/ accessed 24.02.2017)

View his lecture herehttp://sciencepolicy.ca/science-advice-troubled-world  (begins at Minute 11.30)