Webinar: Global Environmental Outlook – Findings and Options for Future Assessments, June 14, 2 pm-4 pm CEST

<b>Webinar: Global Environmental Outlook – Findings and Options for Future Assessments </b> June 14, 2 pm-4 pm CEST

On March 13, 2019 during the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA 4), the sixth edition of the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) was launched. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the state of the environment[CvB1] . In addition to the analysis of the state of and trends associated with environmental change, GEO-6 is solution oriented evaluating current environmental policies and, using scenarios, exploring policy options for transformative change which is deemed to be necessary in order to achieve the SDGs.

Although the report was welcomed by the UNEA, the member states ask for options to improve the science-policy interface and to develop options to this end. A working group will be established to prepare an option document for consideration at UNEA 5.

Against this background, TIAS invites your participation in a webinar to discuss the findings of GEO 6 and develop initial recommendations for the set-up of future global environmental assessments. The webinar will take place Friday, June 14, 2 pm-4 pm CEST.

The following speakers and panelist have confirmed their participation:

  • Paul Ekins – University College London and Co-Chair of GEO-6
  •  Jan Bakkes – Vice president of TIAS and co-author  of an upcoming book on the 25 year history of GEO
  • Pierre Boileau – Head, Global Environmental Outlook of UN Environment
  • Edgar Gutiérrez –former Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica,
  • Martin Kowarsch – Head of  the “Scientific Assessments, Ethics, and Public Policy” working group at Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC)
  • Paul Lucas – Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)

Please register here by Weds. June 12