About our photographer

Ulrike-Meissner_fotoUlli Meissner is a passionate photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. She studied photography at the Facultad de Bellas Artes, University of Granada, Spain. Born in Germany, she has lived, studied and worked in various countries around the world (UK, France, Russia, Spain, United States, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Senegal and Belgium). As a result of her work with Lufthansa and eventually the United Nations, as well as her personal interest in traveling, she has gotten to know many interesting people and places around the world. Her focus when she takes photos is on capturing the decisive moment


  •  May 2013 Ecolint Annuelle, Open art exhibition, Chene Bourg, Geneva, Switzerland
  •  Feb 2015 Exposition du concours photos La ‘beaute du travail’, Brussels, Belgium


Visit Ulli’s website which contains many more of her beautiful photographs on a variety of themes.