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April 2024

Feature: Envisioning transformative futures for water management, by Tom van der Voorn

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December 2023

Feature: We are all worldbuilders now: an offer of collaboration from the arts, by Paul Graham Raven

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August 2023

Feature: A new panel – new assessments of deltas, coastal areas and islands, by Martien Beek and Jan Bakkes

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April 2023

Feature: Using digital methods for Technology Assessment, by Pauline Riousset

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January 2023

Feature:  An agenda to restore environmental democracy in Brazil, by Pedro Roberto Jacobi

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September 2022

Feature: Fifty years of global environment assessments: a crowded landscape, By Jan Bakkes

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April 2022

Feature: New phase in international biodiversity policy requiring new type of assessments? by Marcel Kok

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December 2021

Feature: Water infrastructure, indigenous rights and the narratives underlying collaborative Euro-African research, by Fritz Kleinschroth

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June 2021

Feature: Ecological crises such as climate change require more than technical measures, by Lieneke Stam, Rafael Wittek, Margarita Amador and Alfons Uijtewaal

Link to E-Newsletter No. 01/2021 (June)

December 2020

Feature: New technologies for a new kind of assessment, by Pauline Riousset

Link to E-Newsletter No. 03/2020 (December)

October 2020

Feature: Co-producing climate resilience assessments: Insights from seven midsize cities in the North Sea Region, by Gül Özerol

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June 2020

Feature: Ecological civilization: A new development paradigm, by Pan Jiahua

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December 2019

Feature: A proposal for improving the evaluation of complex IA models, by Rich Rosen; and
Reflections on Rich Rosen’s proposal for improving the evaluation of complex IA models, by Jan Bakkes
Link to E-Newsletter No. 04/2019 (December)

October 2019

Feature: Populism, disinformation and the future of European climate and energy policy, by Stella Schaller

Annual General Meeting Dialogue: Science for evidence-based policy-making in a post-truth society, by Anna-Lena Guske

Link to E-Newsletter No. 03/2019 (October)

July 2019

Feature: Exploring the transmission of values in the Human-Geosphere relationship, by Dr. Francesc Bellaubi

Link to E-Newsletter No. 02/2019 (July)

April 2019

Feature: A healthy planet and healthy people? The release of UNEP’s 6th Global Environmental Outlook, by Klaus Jacob

December 2018

Feature: Elements of success in multi-stakeholder deliberation platforms, by Jennifer Garard, Larissa Koch and Martin Kowarsch

Link to E-Newsletter No. 04/2018 

October 2018

Feature: Storylines from research to practice: Five points to keep in mind, by Juliette Cortes

Link to E-Newsletter No. 03/2018

July 2018

Feature: Inclusive water governance to address pharmaceutical residues in the Vechte Catchment, by Louisa Kistemaker

Link to E-Newsletter No. 02/2018

March/April 2018

Feature: What was IA again? by Jan Bakkes

Link to E-Newsletter No. 01/2018

December 2017

Feature: Integrated Assessment and Biodiversity: Understanding and Reducing the Loss, compiled by Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Caroline van Bers, with contributions from Rik Leemans, Laszlo Pinter, Jeff Price and Jeroen van der Sluijs

Link to E-Newsletter No. 04/2017


September 2017

Feature: Values and Accountability in Integrated Assessment: The Case of the IPCC, by Arthur Petersen

Link to E-Newsletter No. 03/2017


 June 2017

Feature: Integrated Assessment ‘in between logics’: practical concerns and learning by doing, by Willemijn Tuinstra and Eva Kunseler

Link to E-Newsletter No. 02/2017


March 2017

Feature: Transdisciplinary Research – Lessons from the Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program on Water, by Gül Özerol

Link to E-Newsletter No. 01/2017


December 2016

Feature: Beyond SDG indicators – Exploring the role of IA in implementing the sustainable development goals, by Laszlo Pinter

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September 2016

Feature: Co-production of knowledge: a new trend in global assessments? By Marcela Brugnach

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June 2016

Feature: A month of EU environment, energy and development policy events, by Ulrike Meissner

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March 2016

Feature: The Role of Integrated Assessments in the Twenty-First Century, by Rik Leemans

IA News:  ‘Sustainable Development Goals in the Netherlands – building blocks for environmental policy for 2030’

Download (PDF, 479 KB)

Dec. 2015

Feature: Integrated Assessment: A TIAS Holiday Reflection, by Matt Hare

A letter from our new President, Klaus Jacob

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Sept. 2015

Feature: A new interactive tool provides orientation in the jungle of Green Economy indicators, by Marius Hasenheit

IA News: Integrated Assessment welcome in Wallonia

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June 2015

Feature: Bringing Across the Value of Integrated Assessment, by John Callewaert and Lynn Vaccaro,

PDF documentDownload (PDF, 430 KB)


March 2015

Feature: Unraveling the Dimensions of Integration in Integrated Assessment and Modelling Projects, by Anthony Jakeman and Serena Hamilton

PDF document Download (PDF, 430 KB)


December 2014

Feature: Looking back and Preparing for the Future, by Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf

Projects: On the analysis of sustainability transitions: Experiences from water resources management in China, by Chun Xia

PDF document Download (PDF, 540 KB)


October 2014

We live in times of science on demand: an interview with Jeroen van der Sluijs

July 2014

Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

March 2014

Enhancing Social Impact Assessment Methods

October 2013

Transferring water management knowledge

April 2013

Moving towards a new Global Change Science through Demonstration Projects

July 2011

The new TIAS concept for information and publication


October 2010

The Benefits derived from IA: Communicating a Process to Encourage Participation

June/July 2010

Enhancing adaptive capacity in the Chinyanja triangle of South-East Africa

January/February 2010

Integrated Assessment and participatory Agent-based Modelling to support River Management

September/October 2009

TIAS outreach

June/July 2009

News from the Annual General Meeting 2009

March/April 2009

Qualitative Systems in Sustainability Assessment

December 2008

A Methodological Review of Recent Global Assessments: Summary of Workshop Results

August 2008

Key Messages of two Water-related Workshops on Integrated Management

April 2008

Transdisciplinary Knowledge Integration. Cases from Integrated Assessment and Vulnerability Assessment

December 2007

Applying risk perceptions in an engineer’s world

August 2007

Uncertainty and Models in Policy Processes

April 2007

Major Global Environmental Assessments 2007-2008

December 2006

Adaptive management: learning to manage by managing to learn in Peyresq, France

July 2006

Scenario Development for Integrated Water Resources Studies

March 2006

Coherent Global Scenarios

October 2005

Social Learning and Integrated Assessment

July 2005

Participatory test and evaluation processes: why, how and when

March 2005

Challenges for Integrated Assessment