TIAS Training Courses

TIAS regularly hosts or co-sponsors training in topics in the context of Integrated Assessment. A listing of past training courses are listed on this page. For a listing of external (non-TIAS) programmes, see our external training and education page. For a listing of TIAS summer schools, see our TIAS Summer Schools page.


Past TIAS Short Courses
  • May 2008. Montpellier, France. NeWater-TIAS Training Course: Honing your Facilitation Skills. Presented by Dr. Yorck von Korff, Lisode (Consulting), Montpellier.
  • March 2007. Wageningen, Netherlands. NeWater-TIAS Training Course: Quantitative Research Methods. Presented by Dr. Judith Kloosterman, Alterra – Wageningen Univ.
  • 15-16 Feb. 2007. Osnabrück, Germany. NeWater-TIAS Training Course: Stakeholder Collaboration, Framing, Cognitive Mapping and Group Model Building.
  • December 2005. Enschede, Netherlands. TIAS Workshop: Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment, Management and Communication. Presented by Dr. Jeroen van der Sluijs, Utrecht University.