Caroline van Bers


Caroline van Bers is president of TIAS since October 2021 and active in the association since 2004. She supports planning and implementing a range of research, networking and capacity development activities that promote Integrated Assessment at the science-policy-practice interface. She has been involved in environmental management with academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations for over thirty years, working mainly on interdisciplinary, applied research initiatives, as well as the development and implementation of education and training programmes in sustainable development, food security, climate change adaptation, water management, and integrated assessment approaches. She coordinates an interfaculty programme at the University of Twente (NL), Resilience@UT which promotes transdisciplinary research in resilience in three sectors, climate, safety and health care. She is also a guest researcher with the Institute of Environmental Systems Research at Osnabrück University.


  • Climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  • Adaptive water management
  • Resource management in the water-energy-food nexus
  • Sustainable food systems and food security


  • Stakeholder involvement and participatory processes, scenario development and analysis, indicators, and environmental & social impact assessment


  • Transdisciplinary applied research
  • Capacity development and training
  • Communication

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Contact: cvanbers[at]tias-web[dot]info