Caroline van Bers

cvb Honorary Treasurer

Caroline van Bers supports planning and implementing a range of research, networking and capacity development activities that promote Integrated Assessment at the science-policy-practice interface. She has been active in TIAS since 2004 and involved in environmental management with academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations for over twenty-five years, working predominantly on interdisciplinary, applied research initiatives, as well as the development and implementation of education and training programmes in sustainable development, food security, climate change adaptation, water management, and integrated assessment. Caroline also works as a researcher at the Institute of Environmental Systems Research, Univ. of Osnabrück. She holds a Masters degree in Regional Planning and Resource Management from the University of Waterloo.

Special interest in food security: Building on her Masters thesis (Farming in 2031: A Scenario of Sustainable Agriculture in Canada) and previous work in food policy and fair trade, her efforts are now focused on applied research examining how food consumption patterns in the wealthier regions of the world can have a positive influence on sustainability. An important question that TIAS is addressing is the low value attributed to food in industrialised countries that is driving unsustainable methods of food production. How can this be turned around?

Working areas

  • Climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  • Adaptive water management
  • Sustainable development
  • Sustainable food systems and food security
  • Integrated Assessment methods and tools especially scenario development, stakeholder involvement and participatory processes, indicators, and environmental & social impact assessment
  • Capacity development and training