Objectives and Format of Autumn School 2015

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The Autumn School’s key objectives are to stimulate the development of knowledge and insights into comparative water governance research and to provide support to young researchers in developing their careers. Senior scientists with relevant expertise on the key topics will be brought in to lead the sessions. In plenary lectures and working sessions, they will approach the Summer School theme from different perspectives, whilst touching upon philosophical, methodological, normative and practical issues. In doing so, the Autumn School will provide an interdisciplinary platform where researchers can exchange and discuss the latest theoretical insights on comparative water governance research as well as practical experiences.  In the various working sessions, participants will be asked to present and interactively reflect on their own research as well as to further apply and reflect on the aspects that have been introduced and discussed in the plenary lectures.

To stimulate informal networks, an excursion over the weekend (optional) and a farewell social event on the last evening will take place. A list of participants will be provided including information about their research and the participants will be invited to join a LinkedIn group so that they have the opportunity to get to know each other in advance of the event. Moreover, they can make use of the opportunity to share any of their draft materials (e.g., a research design or draft journal article) with one of the lecturers. Throughout the Summer School, there will be time for the lecturers to provide written and oral feedback on this work.

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